Must Have Tools & Resources For YouTube

If you’re a content creator and you are taking your YouTube channel seriously this list of tools and resources are going to help you take things to the next level. This list is the personal list of products and companies Nick Nimmin uses personally, so you know they are safe, accurate and high quality.

TubeBuddy - YouTube Channel Management and Growth

I can sum this YouTube tool up in 2 words, game changer! TubeBuddy helps you tag videos, research your video topics, make thumbnails and even a/b test your thumbnails to see which ones perform better.

They have a free version and different levels of the paid options but whichever you pick, if you’re not using TubeBuddy you’re missing out on a lot of views. TubeBuddy is a “must have” tool for content creators.


Morning Fame - YouTube SEO Tool

Morningfame is awesome. They present your stats and your channel progress in a new, easy to understand way. They let you know if your channel is climbing or declining, how videos compare to each other and more. This is an awesome tool and every YouTube creator should be using it.

Epidemic Sound - The Best Place for YouTube Music

Epidemic Sound is the ultimate music source for content creators. You can access and use their entire library of music and sound effects for less than it costs to license one song on most sites. In addition to that you can also remove parts of songs you don’t like and they even “white list” your YouTube channel as you set up your account so you never have to worry about copyright headaches or waste your time disputing a strike. It’s an incredible resource.

REV - Closed captioning for YouTube videos

Captioning your videos is important because it makes your content more accessible and it’s not just for the hearing impaired. Studies have shown captioning videos increases the amount of time people spend watching, it improves comprehension and more. Consider the person at work who wants to watch your videos but don’t have speakers attached to their computer. Captioning your videos allows them to also be able to enjoy your content.

Pad PlanIt - Video planner for iPad and Android tablet users

If you’re a YouTuber with a tablet or iPad, this is going to change the way you plan and organize your content forever! Created by Nick Nimmin, the PlanIt video planner combines the digital world with the real world for intuitive content planning that will help you keep track of your upload schedule, create checklists to keep you on track and even track what’s working and not working on your channel so you can accelerate your growth. It’s awesome!