Video Branding Elements (VBE)

Every view on YouTube counts. Each viewer is a potential subscriber or customer so making them familiar with your brand is extremely important. Because of this, Owen Video has inspired us to offer custom video branding elements as a package to help business owners and professional YouTubers properly brand their videos.

YouTube Branding Package | $199

Video branding is crucial these days to help viewers connect  your content with your brand. Let Tuber Tools create a package for you that will reinforce your brand in the minds of your viewers.

This package includes:
  • 2D Logo Intro

    The logo intro goes toward the front of your video and lets the viewer know who is behind the video they are watching while connecting them with your brand.

  • Animated Lower Third

    Lower thirds are used to introduce the host of the video and can also be used to add a website URL, phone number or tagline.

  • Full Screen Graphic

    A full screen graphic is branded with your logo and brand colors. These are used as a placeholder for any text you would like to appear on screen.

  • End Screen Background

    End screens appear at the very end of a YouTube video. Make sure yours are properly branded to get the most out of this amazing feature.

If you have any pre-order questions about our service feel free to contact us.

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