Cameras and Equipment For YouTube

If you want to make videos for YouTube but not sure what cameras, lighting or other equipment to use, here is a list of equipment recommendations. This list includes the gear I use for my videos (you can click here or here to see examples of my videos) and equipment used by other YouTubers who produce high quality, great looking content.


Canon 70D

I use this camera for all of my videos (check out my videos here) because of its creative versatility….and I love it! Having the ability to change lenses for different looks is great but the feature that impresses me most about this camera is the face focus feature where it tracks your face and keeps the focus locked on it even if you move around.

This camera is used by a lot of YouTubers and but if it’s out of your price range you can get similar DSLR cameras with fewer features and they will most likely be just fine. For example, the 600D is a great camera for talking head videos but is less than half the price of the 70D.

External Microphones

If you want great audio…you need to get a microphone. It doesn’t have to be a top of the line mic but you need to be able to get it close to you so it can pick up the details of your voice. These are the microphones we recommend.

Audio Technica 8035

Audio Technica 8035 Shotgun Microphone

This mic sounds fantastic and the best part is, it’s not craze expensive. In order to use this mic your camera or recording device, like the Zoom H4N I list below, needs to have an XLR input and phantom power. Hear how this mic sounds here.


Rhode Video Mic Pro

This mic is great and reasonably priced if you’re making videos on a budget. It has a decibel switcher so you can amplify the signal or reduce the signal for the sake of reducing noise.  (Listen to audio quality example here)

A lot of YouTube content creators use this microphone because of the quality, light weight and ease of use.


Blue Yeti USB Microphone

This is a great sounding USB mic you can easily plug into your computer to improve your audio.

This mic is excellent if you’re doing tutorials where you’re recording the screen or other videos where you’re close to your computer.


Zoom H4N

If you’re using your webcam or another camera and need to get better sounding audio or if you’re doing interviews or just want to level up your audio in general, the Zoom H4N is awesome.

In a nutshell, it’s a digital audio recorder with great sounding built in microphones. You also have the option to plug in additional mics and even use it as a mixer or an audio interface on your computer. This is a highly recommended product for video creators.

*They also have an H5 and H6 version.

Lapel Microphone

Lapel Mic (Plugs into your phone)

This is the cheapest way to increase the quality of your audio. If you’re recording with a webcam, DSLR, GoPro or your phone and need a low cost way to make your audio sound better, this is it. All you have to do is plug it into your phone and use any app to record your audio.


Wind Screen

This isn’t a required piece of equipment but it’s recommended. If you stand anywhere close to your mic this screen will stop your “plosives”…which is basically that “pop” sound you hear when wind from your mouth hits the mic. These are also called “pop” filters.

Lighting and Backgrounds

If you’re on a budget it’s important to remember you can always use natural light (the ambient light from the Sun in the daytime) to make your videos. However, if you prefer to make your videos at night or if you want to make your videos look as good as possible, here is our recommended list of gear for lighting your videos.

YouTube Video Lights

Complete Lighting and Studio Background Kit

Lighting can make the difference between a video that looks bad and a video that looks awesome. If you’re making videos inside your home, you need lighting. This lighting and background kit has everything you need to take your video production to the next level.

Soft Box Lighting

Soft Box Video Lighting

If you prefer to shoot in a natural setting (living room, bedroom, office, etc.) you still need proper lighting to make your videos look professional. This lighting kit is the bare essentials of what you’ll need to properly light yourself for an extemely fair price!

Green screen

White, Black and Green Backgrounds

If you already have lights but want to clean up your background or do green screen effects then you should pick up a green screen background. They are low cost and can make a huge difference in your presentation.