Resources For YouTubers


As with anything, there are a ton of available tools out there to help you do what you need to do as a YouTuber. This file shares my personal favorites and the things that work well for other successful creators I know so you don’t have to waste time trying things that suck.

Almost everything listed will be linked so all you need to do is click on the text and you’ll be taken to the resource.

If you have anything you think should be put on this list, send me a DM on Twitter @nicknimmin and I’ll check it out to see if it qualifies.


Nick Nimmin


YouTube Growth & Channel Management

TubeBuddyChannel management, keyword research, topic planning and more.  It’s the #1 browser plugin for Youtubers.

Morning FameHelps with search engine optimization and teaches you the process of optimizing videos for search.

Tube Spanner – The best tool for your YouTube workflow.

SEM Rush – Advanced keyword and SEO tools. 


Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere – What my editor and a lot of other creators use.

Vegas Pro – What I use. Has tons of pro features.

Davinci Resolve (Free) – Pro video editor that’s FREE! Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the free option.

Handbrake – Convert your video files for faster uploading if you need to.



Video Editing Apps

Video Leap (iOS only) – Full featured video editing app.

Kinemaster (Android & iOS) – Full featured video editing app.


Audio Processing

Audacity – Free audio processing that works great!

Adobe Audition – Pro audio processing

Making Thumbnails

Adobe Photoshop – This is what I use

Affinity Photo – As good as Photoshop but without the monthly fee.

Photopea – Free online graphics program. For most beginners this is all you need. 

Canva – Free and paid versions with build in templates. Great for beginners.


Apps For Thumbnails

Snapseed ( iOS / Play Store ) – Free and easy to use image editor that can help your images “pop” before you include them in thumbnails. 

Adobe Lightroom ( iOS / Play Store ) – Incredible for adjusting your photos. You can also load LUTS (presets) into it.


Content Planning

Pad PlanIt – Video planning for your iPad.

Monday – Customize and assign purpose to content.

Trello – Tons of people use this for content planning.

Airtable – Gives you the best of the above options and more.



Music For Your Videos

Epidemic Sound – I use Epidemic sound for my videos, they are incredible. You can see my review and why I think they are awesome here.



Rev – I use Rev for all of my captions. They charge $1 per minute of video and they are accurate. Totally worth it!



Collaborating With Other Creators

Collabspace (iOS/Android) – Find people to collab with near you.

SkypeDiscuss the collaboration.

Zoom – Allows you to record the cam of whoever is talking.

Google Docs – Share a file and brainstorm ideas.

Google DriveCan share access and both creators upload files here.

Dropbox – Another option for uploading and sharing files.


Live Streaming Software

Streamlabs OBSThis is what we use for our weekly live show and we love it. They have some really cool free things built in to make your streams cooler.

Ecamm Live If you’re on a Mac, this is what you want to use.

Streamyard – This is for browser based streaming. They make it really easy to bring in guests and run your show directly from your internet browser so there isn’t any software needed.


Live Streaming Apps

Streamlabs Mobile App – From the makers of Streamlabs, you can control your desktop stream with this or go live directly from it with a lot of Streamlabs built in features and overlays.

Prism ( iOS / Android ) – This app is changing the streaming game. In addition to being really easy to stream from, you can even connect a webcam to your phone and use that as your camera…it’s insane!



Communities For Creators

TubeRitual – This group is ran by Brian G Johnson. The community there is amazing.

Video Makers & Marketers – This group is ran by Derral Eves. The community here is also awesome.

YouTube and Video Making Tips – This group is mine. To be honest, it’s not managed as well as the two listed above but it’s still a great group of creators.

TubeBuddy Community Forum – This is the official community for TubeBuddy. This is where you can get info on the tool, get YouTube questions answered by qualified people and network with other creators.

r/ytubers – A brand new subreddit (literally opening it as soon as I publish this list) I put together for you to learn how to grow your channel. It’s an open forum where you can ask your YouTube and video related questions.

r/youtubers – A subreddit for Youtubers.

r/newtubers – A subreddit for Youtubers under 5k subscribers.

r/partneredyoutube – A subreddit for creators in the partner program.

r/youtube – A subreddit for creators and viewers to talk about YouTube. 


Podcasts For Creators

Comments Over Coffee – This one is mine. It’s short and it’s designed so you can learn about YouTube over a cup of coffee. You can even submit questions. 🙂 

Video Creators – Hosted by expert Youtuber Tim Schmoyer, learn all about the different aspects of YouTube through this show.

YouTube Creators Hub –  Hosted by the super pleasantly voiced YouTuber Dusty Porter, this is another great one for working through different aspects of your YouTube journey.

TubeBuddy Express – This one is also hosted by Dusty Porter and will teach you about YouTube.

The YouTube Power Hour – Hosted by Erika Vieira, this show focuses more on female content creators.

Social Media Marketing Talk Show – This one is all about social media. Sometimes they talk about YouTube but they focus mostly on the other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. 



YouTube Help Resources

YouTube Creator Academy – This is free and provided by YouTube. If you’re a Youtuber, you should go through all of this. It will give you a ton of insight about YouTube.

Team YouTube – If you run into an issue of some kind, sending a message to @teamyoutube can sometimes help you get it solved.

YouTube Creator Blog – This is where YouTube shares information about what they are doing for/with creators.



Recommended YouTube Help Channels

Nick Nimmin (YouTube help and YouTuber tools)

Derral Eves (YouTube help in general)

Brian G Johnson (YouTube help and SEO)

Video Creators (YouTube help in general)

Jeven Dovey (YouTube help for filmmakers)

Video Influencers (Tips and Interviews from experienced creators)

Dee Nimmin (For mobile YouTube creators)

Roberto Blake (YouTube and Entrepreneur content)

Little Monster Media Co. (YouTube tips and tactics)

Salma Jafri – (Video marketing and YouTube tips)

Sunny Lenarduzzi – (YouTube and Entrepreneurship)

Creator Insider (They work at YouTube)


Course Creation Platforms

Kajabi – This is what I’m using for my upcoming course. It’s incredible! Easy to set up, easy to modify, etc. They even have built in email services. 

Uscreen – I work with Uscreen on other projects but I’ll also be launching mini-courses there next year.



Video Graphics For YouTubers

TuberTools – This is my website where you can get video graphics, thumbnail templates, end screens and more for your videos…you’re on TuberTools right now reading this. 🙂



Mindstate Apps

Insight Timer – This is a meditation app that keeps track of your progress. It also includes guided meditation.

Daylio – This is a mood tracker.


Emojipedia –  This is where I get my emojis for video descriptions.


Disclaimer: Some of the links in this list are affiliate links, some go to my personal websites and some of them are just direct links to the items so if you click through an affiliate link I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

This list will be updated from time to time to keep it current so check back regularly.


You can also download a doc containing most of the items listed above for free by clicking here.