Blocked Words

Add these to your blocked words list to massively cut down on the amount of spam comments you get:

sub for sub, shout out, check out my channel, sub to me, comment done, sub, like for, sub to my channel, subscribe for subscribe, subscribe to my channel, shoutout, shout out, sub me, sub anyone, 1 sub, 1 comment, 1 like, subbed me back, I’ll sub, anyone who subscribes, sub, Submarine4Submarine, pick me, look at mine, pick mine, hug for hug, love for love, check out my channel, want to be friends, want to be youtube friends, grow together, support each other, youtube friends

To cut down on hateful, obscene and negative comments, simply add them to your blocked words list as you find them.

To find your blocked words list go into your YouTube studio, then click  “settings” at the bottom of the left menu, then click “community” in the box that pops up like in the image below.